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meeting story (final draft)

Last night at the Desegregation/Integration Advisory Council (DIAC) meeting, a heated discussion occurred involving the new position of the Adelante Cultural Center.
Katy Livaddaros, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison, was hired to fill the position as part of the developing plan to diversify the Duluth Public Schools. After leaving the meeting early last night due to prior engagements, the controversy broke out.
The DIAC council members began to argue that they were unhappy with the hiring of Livaddaros because she is not a person of color. The Duluth Public School District created this position with the intention of receiving a wide diversity of applicants. The members were upset that they didn't do a thorough job of hiring a person of color for the position. In the past, the district has had a poor record of hiring people of color.
"The DIAC council has worked long and hard to insure that the District hires people of color for programs that are funded with DIAC dollars. Unfortunately it doesn't always happen and they are disappointed," said Secretary Diana Stratioti of the Desegregation/Integration program.
Rob McLachlin, Human Resources Director, was the one receiving all the blame at the meeting by the council members. McLachlin came back at the council members and said that there were 21 candidates and the hiring process had a good amount of diversity.
The argument with ended with the consensus that there was nothing they could do to change the situation.