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profile story

Uzair Nazim Mukadam came to America three years ago to attempt for a completely different lifestyle than his parents brought him up in. He knew there would be no servants or maids here. He wanted to become an independent man where people didn't do every thing for him.

That's why Uzair sits in the University of Minnesota-Duluth coffee shop sipping a latte today. After fifteen years of schooling in Pakistan, he decided to take the long journey to Minnesota to enroll in the school of business at UMD. From meeting Uzair, you would never know that he grew up traveling from country to country with people who would do anything for him at the drop of a hat.

Uzair spent most of his childhood sailing around the world in a ship he describes as a big city. The Mukadam family base is located in Karachi, Pakistan; however, since Uzair's father was a Captain on a Merchant ship he frequently brought the family along on shipping adventures.

His father's merchant ship, the size of eight football fields, typically contained 35-40 crew members, a chief cook, maids and servants.

"The ships I traveled on were much better then five-star hotels," said Uzair.

The men in the Mukadam family have been the Captain of the Merchant
Army for the past three generations; however, Uzair wanted to find himself and
follow his own dreams.

Uzair could have easily taken his father’s money to pay for his education in the United States. Instead, he decided that the best idea would to pay for it himself through private loans.

On campus, you can usually find Uzair working in one of the computer labs throughout the week.

“It’s an easy and chill job. I like it because I don’t get stressed at all,? said Uzair.

On the weekends, Uzair does everything a normal college kid would do except for drinking.

“I love to play cricket. When I was young, I wanted to become a professional in Pakistan,? said Uzair. “I also really like to cook, play music, and design clothes.?

He will be graduating this spring with a B.A. in business. Uzair loves going to school in America, but he’s very excited to finally graduate.

Uzair hopes his parents will attend the graduation if they can get a visa to come to the United States. It has been a year and a half since he has seen his family.

After graduation, Uzair plan on moving to Minneapolis to set up his own company.

“I would like to retire by age 29. I want a lot of time to spend with my wife and kids,? said Uzair. “I definitely plan on traveling much more in my lifetime.?