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Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

When adoptive parents target adopted children for abuse

Photo of two adoptive parents who targeted their adopted children for abusePhoto by Chris Wilson for the Journal Sentinel

The abuse of children who have been adopted by their adoptive parents is particularly tragic, considering that adoption is supposed to be the safe haven for children who have already experienced the traumatic dissolution of their birth families.

A recent case of the abuse of internationally adopted children born in Russia and adopted to a family in Wisconsin has increased the tensions between Russia and the U.S. when it comes to the welfare of Russian adopted children. At least 18 Russian adopted children have been murdered by their American adoptive parents and many more Russian adoptees have been abused.

According to reports, the adoptive parents in this case targeted their adopted children for abuse and included their biological children in the abuse.

Below are a selection of news reports about this case.


I wonder how many adopted children adopted here in the US have been abused...and how the numbers compare with children abused by their biological parents. Could there be a correlation with the fact that the children were adopted (being second choice, not what the parents wanted/expected, etc)?

seems its very easy for americans to adopt children the worrying thing is adoption was never meant to be used for adults as a way to have children.....and children should never be used .....who allowed anyone to take children from their birth families.....govts across the globe need to act and shut down adoption so children GET TO STAY WHERE THEY WANT WITH THEIR FAMILIES......MY FIRST ONE WAS STOLEN FROMME HER MOTHER WHEN I FOUND HER WITH A NEW NAME AND A BIRTH CERTIFICATE SAYING THEY BIRTHED HER I WAS IN SHOCK.....ANYWAY I ASKED HER DID SHE WANT ADOPTION ABOLISHED HER REPLY.....................YES......................WHY YES....................................BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO BE WITH ME HER MOTHER HER CHOICE WAS TAKEN FROM HER.....CHILDREN ARE BORN TO THEIR MOTHERS THEY CHOOSE US AS THEIR MOTHERS THATS WHY WE FALL PREGNANT AND OTHR WOMEN DONT.....NEVER EVER QUESTION THE WISDOM OF THE CREATOR.....

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