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Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

About the Stability, Permanency and Adoption Blog

The Stability, Permanency and Adoption blog was developed by the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare as a way to inform child welfare professionals and others about practice, research and policy issues regarding permanency and adoption of children and youth.

CASCW's Mission:

To improve the well-being of children and families who are involved in the child welfare system by: educating human service professionals, fostering collaboration across systems and disciplines, informing policy makers and the public, and expanding the child welfare knowledge base.

CASCW Guiding Values:

  • All children deserve competent and effective child welfare services to promote safety, well-being and permanency.
  • Effective child welfare workers require continual professional development that is financially, geographically and culturally accessible.
  • Effective child welfare training, education, policy and evaluation is multidisciplinary, multicultural and collaborative in nature.
  • Child welfare evaluation informs policy and practice resulting in better outcomes for children and families.
  • Policy makers and the public make effective decisions when provided with current, relevant, and accurate child welfare information.

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