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Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

House approved, Senate to vote today (2/10)

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Yesterday the House passed the first round of budget cuts on a 68-61 floor vote. Today, the Senate will vote on the same conference committee report. Though the timing isn't certain, it appears the floor vote will happen at 11:00 am. You can attend in person, or you can stream the vote online. While the bill is expected to pass, it is still interesting to hear the commentary from legislators prior to the vote. You can stream audio and video here.

This blog will continue to follow the path of this bill, as it pertains to child welfare funding and aid to cities and counties (since local funding is a major share of child welfare funds).

Now, some readers might be thinking, "Okay, this is probably the 8th time I've heard that the bill has passed. What's with all passing - didn't it already make it through the House and Senate?" Yes. For a bill to become law, it's a zig zag path. Here's an overview from the State Legislature website.

This budget proposal has followed that path, though it has moved faster than most bills do. Here's the history:
1. SF60 and HF130 were introduced in the Senate and House, respectively.
2. Each bill had a hearing in one or more committees in the Senate or House.
3. Each bill was passed by the floor of its respective body.
4. A conference committee, made of Senators and Representatives, worked out the discrepancies between the two versions, and sent a single version back to the Senate and House for a final floor vote.
5. On 2/9/11 the House passed the bill.
6. On 2/10/11 the Senate will vote on the bill.
7. A bill that passes both the Senate and the House then goes to the Governor.

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