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Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Child Welfare Slices of the HF927 Omnibus Budget Bill

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Below are a few Child Welfare snippets of the HF927 Omnibus Budget Bill, which is being heard this week in the House Health and Human Service Finance Committee.

The omnibus bill is enormous (2011_HF927DeleteAll.pdf). House Research did a bill summary that highlights a few areas - a little easier to digest than 350 pages (review the bill summary here). Three items stand out in the bill summary as directly related to Child Welfare, though deeper in the bill there is surely more that impacts our field.

10. Background studies conducted by Department of Human Services. Amends § 245C.08, subd. 1. Adds that the commissioner must consider information related to child abuse and neglect, and information from national crime information databases when conducting a background study on the relatives of a child who receive permanent and legal custody under section 260C.201, subdivision 11, paragraph (d), clause (1).

11. Background studies conducted by the commissioner. Amends § 245C.33, subd. 1. Adds paragraph (b) which requires the commissioner to conduct a background study on all individuals over the age of 13 who live in the home before approving the placement of a child for the purposes of transferring permanent and legal custody to a relative. Provides that if the relative holds a valid foster care license and a background study was previously conducted on members of the household, a new background study is not required.

26. Circles of support grants. Requires the commissioner to provide grants to community action agencies to foster social assets to assist people out of poverty through circles of support. Specifies the requirements of the circles of support initiatives. Makes this section effective July 1, 2011.

For changes to budget amounts, see the spreadsheet Article 10: Appropriations

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