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Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Additional Programs Added to List of Critical Core Functions

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As of today, Judge Gearin has ordered continued funding of additional programs and grants from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, based on Special Master Kathleen Blatz's recommendations from July 11:

  • MFIP Consolidated Support Services Grants & MFIP Consolidated Support Services Grants T01, F640
    These two grants provide support services for MFIP/DWP recipients, including job skills training and job-search assistance
  • Food grants, programs, and aids
    ARRA Supported Work-Summer Food Program; Food Shelf Grants; TEFAP Grants: Appr. E26 B312; Non-MFIP Food Stamps; FSP Cash-out Benefits - SSI F47, F107; ARRA FSP Cash-out Benefits - SSI H47, Z114; Senior Nutrition Program Grants; Nutrition Services Incentive Program F38, S181; Title III C2 Home Delivered Nutrition Services Grants F99, S156
  • Child Care Assistance via Basic Sliding Fee (BSF) Grants and BSF Grants: E22, B421
    The previous order had included funding for MFIP and Transition-Year Child Care Assistance Grants, so these were already being funded
  • Child protection, child welfare, adoption grants, programs and aids
    American Indian Child Welfare Program; Child Welfare Reform - Prevention/Early Intervention Grants; Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Transfer to R21; Title IV-B2 Family Preservation Grants (Family Alternative Response Grant) F00, C237; Title IV-B1 Family Preservation Grants (Family Response Grant) F08, C281; Independent Living Grants F15, C293; Children and Community Services Grants; Title XX - Children and Community Services Grants F82, S505; Subsidized Adoption Grants; Relative Custody Assistance Grants
  • Grants, programs and aids for homelessness and transitional housing
    Transitional Housing Grants; Emergency Services Program; Long Term Homeless Services Grants; Runaway and Homeless Youth; HUD ESGP Grants; Rural and Homeless Youth Grants: E37, B482; Crisis Housing
  • Refugee CMA Admin Grants and Refugee Medical Assistance
  • Seniors Agenda for Independent Living (SAIL)/Elder Care Development (EDP) and Living at Home (LAH)/Block Nurse (BN) Grants
    Provide vulnerable seniors with nursing services, transportation, caregiver/respite services, home health-aid visits, and home-delivered meals
  • Deaf and hard of hearing grants
    DHHSD and Hearing Loss Mentors
  • Grants for HIV/AIDS medical services
    State Case Management Grants; State Insurance Premium Grants; ADAP Drug Rebates - Title II Grants; Title II - Base Grant F59, H119; Part B - ADAP Grants - Title II Grant F59, H118
  • Home health services grants and mental health grants
    Consumer Support Grants; Adult Mental Health Integrated Fund; Rule 78 Adult Mental Health Grant; Crisis Housing; Adult Mental Health Crisis Grants; MH McKinney Grant F16, M133; Federal MH Block Grant - Indian Mental Health Services F85, M167; Children's Mental Health Screening Grant; Children's Mental Health Targeted Case Management Grants; CMH - Crisis Services Grants
  • Chemical dependency treatment grants, programs and aids
    CD Treatment Grants; CD Native American Program; CCDTF Other Services; CDBG Specialized Women Services SAPT Block Grant F83, S232

The following programs and grants were DENIED continued funding based on the Special Master's recommendations:

  • Migrant Child Care and Migrant Day Care Grants (because there is no federal funding commingled with these grants)
  • Parent Support Outreach Grant and Title IV-E Parent Support Outreach F08, C200 (because they are interpreted to be critical core functions essential to the life, health, and safety of Minnesota citizens and there was no public testimony on these grants)
  • Refugee Social Services Grant (because need for continued employment support for needy populations is not deemed a critical core function)

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