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Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

About the Blog

The Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare developed this blog as a means to disseminate relevant child welfare-related policy information to child welfare practitioners and supervisors. At CASCW, we believe that learning about policies is as important to the practitioner as learning about best practices, because it is policy that informs practice.

CASCW currently has one editor and blogger, Heidi Ombisa, and two regular guest bloggers, Kelly Pieper and Caitlin Magistad. In addition, CASCW has several guest authors appearing throughout the blog. Past writers include Danielle Hegseth, Lindsay Brekke, and Megan Carriveau.

Meet our Bloggers

Heidi Ombisa

Heidi Ombisa, MSW is the Outreach Coordinator at CASCW. She received her Master of Social Work degree in Community Practice & Child Welfare from the University of Minnesota in 2011. Her areas of interest include child welfare systems reform, Indian child welfare, family & economic policy, early childhood policy, and international social work policies & practices.

Kelly Pieper

Kelly Pieper is a second year Master of Social Work student at the University of Minnesota and graduate assistant at CASCW. She is also an intern at a private agency that provides children's mental health services. Her areas of interest are the intersection of children's mental health and child welfare, and how parental mental illness impacts early childhood development.

Danielle Hegseth

Danielle Hegseth, MSW, MPP is former CASCW blogger who still writes guest posts. She graduated in 2012 with a Master of Public Policy and a Master of Social Work (2011). Her areas of study include program evaluation, policy analysis, early intervention, and early childhood educational policy. She blogs about the intersections of early childhood education, homelessness, racial disparities, and early intervention on the child welfare system, its policies, and practices.

Former Bloggers

Lindsay Brekke

Lindsay Brekke, LSW, MSW was a full-time CASCW blogger during her MSW internship at CASCW in 2011-2012. She received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012. Her interests in child welfare center around youth aging out of foster care and foster parent training and support.

Megan Carriveau

Megan Carriveau, LSW, MSW was an intern with both CASCW and Hennepin County Social Services Extended Foster Care Unit. While interning at CASCW, she blogged about father engagement, using solution-focused frameworks in child protection, the intersect of policy and practice, and creating stability for children aging out of foster care.

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