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Analysis Entry: Structure

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The reporter has summerized the important events in an article about the president's role in the three possible Supreme Court vacancies. The important elements are how the election will influence who is appointed to the court. The reporter draws from current polls and historical relevances in with presidential appointments.

The information is ordered by starting off with the current state of the election, with both candidates using the media to announce their opinions on the health care bill that was passed by the court. The article then goes on to discuss the favorites, who could be appointed, and the alleged 'next to retire'

The information is not ordered by date, but rather by relevance. The first paragraphs are full of information and then the farther down, the less relevant they appear. This makes it easy for readers to grasp the important parts of the article. This is effective so readers can get in and get on with their day just by reading the first few paragraphs.

The reporter putting in the information about the next to retire and the possible appointment seems a little biased. I felt these could have been left out and the article would have been just as effective.

2 firefighters injured in local fire.

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by Colleen J Case

Two St. Paul firefighters are injured in a fire that destroyed a local home near Sunday morning said fire officials.

A call came in around 5 a.m. Sunday for a fire on the 600 block of Case Avenue, said Fire Marshal Steve Zaccard.

The two-story duplex had fire "coming out of every opening" and was spread to a neighboring house, said Zaccard.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The two injured firefighters were taken to a hospital after being checked out by on-scene paramedics.

Residents in the burning houses had all evacuated the houses before the fire crews arrived on scene.

No agreement reached with Twin Cities orchestras

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by Colleen J Case

Contracts from two Twin Cities orchestras have not reached an agreement as of Sunday said management.

Both the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchestra's contracts are set to end Sunday at midnight.

The Minnesota Orchestra members face a possible lock out while the SPCO has been stalled to a "talk and play" said management of both organizations. Both orchestras have been in conferences and discussion this weekend to agree about contracts.

As of Sunday evening no agreement has been reached. The discussions were halted by disagreements between the musicians and the management. The SPCO has not made a final settlement but has agreed to set another meeting on Oct. 10, who will be bringing in officials to extend negation.

Minnesota Orchestra management has refused to settle with the musican's deals of 'talk and play' and is setting it's current proposal as a 'final offer'. The orchestra looks to be locked out at midnight with no talks to be scheduled.

Minneapolis workplace shooter was 'mouthy' for months

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by Colleen Case

The gunman of Minnesota's deadliest workplace shooting has allegedly been mouthing off at work and was let go reasons unexplained, said police Sunday.

Thursday evening, Andrew Engeldinger, 36, shot and killed five people and injured three before turning the gun on himself at Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis.

Company officials told police Engeldinger had been confrontational the past few months at work with many unexcused absences.

Family members of Engeldinger were worried about his 'growing paranoia' and sought help in 2010 for a support group for family of the mentally ill in 2010. However, to his family's knowledge, he had not sought help or has been diagnosed by a medical professional said police.

NFL and referee's union reach agreement

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Reports from the National Football League state that the lock-out between the league and the Referee's Union has come to an agreement that will place officials on the field for this weekend's games, said ESPN.

Two days after a controversial call by replacement referees cost a win for the Green Bay Packers, the league had "no choice" but to find a way to bring the 121 union referees back.

The agreement reportedly included the hiring of 21 new referees to improve officiating quality, a freeze of their pensions, and a higher 401K. The union fought this in fear of layoffs and a reduction in their overall compensation, said union representatives.

The media sensation of the miscall that finalized the Seattle Seahawks win over GreenBay monday was just one of few calls that urged the Union and the league to enter an agreement this early.

France to use "parents" instead of "mother" and "father"

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by Colleen Case

The French are moving to legalize gay marriage in all official documents by replacing the words "mother" and "father" with the word "parents", said The Telegraph.

This move to replace these words in all documents has incited a widespread outrage across the country. The Catholic Church has acknowledged their opposition to this proposed law.

The change would include using "parents" in homosexual and heterosexual marriage ceremonies.

Supporters of this bill state that there is no evidence that heterosexual couples are better at raising children than same-sex couples.

Pope Benedict XVI has urged bishops in France to oppose the proposed law. The Catholic church's stance is that by legalizing gay marriage, the taboos of other immoral acts will vanish.

This law will be presented to the French cabinet on October 31.

Week 2 Analysis

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This story, taken from, named quite a few sources. A few different operations managers for world airlines, friends and relative of victims of the avalanche, survivors, and mountain climbing experts.

The sources are quite scattered around, producing a well-rounded report that is unbiased and takes different angles to give readers an idea of what exactly is occurring with the avalanche.

The information is mainly taken from people, but there are a few reports that help set up the logistics for the readers so they know exactly how high and cold the mountain is.

The attributions are set up mainly at the end of the sentences and paragraphs and the quotes are used effectively with the attribution in the middle.

These attributions are very effective and readers are given a good picture of what the issue is to victims and others.

Giant panda cub dies at 6 days old.

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A 6-day-old giant panda cub died at the National Zoo in Washington on Sunday morning.

The four ounce cub had shown no signs of distress when it passed away. The mother of the cub made an "unusual honking noise" said zoo keepers around 9 a.m. The mother panda was lured away from from the cub for keepers to examine it.

CPR was administered by a veterinarian, but the cub's heart was stopped and was not breathing.

The new cub, who was a product of artificial insemination and was a surprise. The mother had five failed pregnancies before giving birth Sept. 16 said keepers.

The cause of death is still under investigation by the zoo's veterinarians. Results are expected to come back monday from tests. The cub showed no signs of trauma externally.

Police searching for answers in death of local man

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The death of a college student on Friday leaves police and the family searching for answers.

Colton Gleason, 20, of Greenfield died Friday night from head injuries. Gleason, hit his head on the ground after being struck with punches from two men on Thursday night while out with friends St. Cloud police said.

A light colored four-door vehicle passed by Gleason and his friends before stopping. Gleason fell to the ground as two assailants got out of the car and struck him. He was so close to the vehicle that Gleason had his hands on the car to prevent friends from being attacked police said.

Gleason's father, John Gleason noted he was in St. Cloud spending time with friends before heading north for the weekend to go mountain biking. "This was a violent, unnecessary and senseless crime," said Gleason. "We want justice."

Police have said they are unsure as to what prompted the attack. A $1,000 reward has been set for anyone producing any information leading to an arrest. After the attack, Colton Gleason was transported to a St. Cloud hospital, where he died the next day police said.

Wisconsin DNR investigating local paint spill

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Wisconsin officials are asking for the help of the public in determining who illegally dumped 230 containers of paint in Polk and Burnett counties last week.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are investigating the cause of the paint and other solvents to be dumped on public and private land that occurred Sept. 4 and 5 near Siren, Wis. The DNR has asked for the public's help in determining who committed this crime, and knowledge of any additional containers that have been spilt.

DNR administrator Tom Krsnich noted the dates on many of the materials were from the 1990's. "The quantity that we got is of concern," he said. "It's a lot more than you or I would have in our garages."

The DNR's quick clean up may have prevented a larger disaster. The materials dumped posed a hazard to animals, groundwater, and people. The materials were all cleaned up within two days of locating the spills said Krsnich.

Investigators have had few leads about the spills, but no suspects said Krsnich.

Afghanistan suicide attacks kill 13, wound 15

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by Colleen Case

Suicide bombings killed 13 people and wounded 15 others in an attack in Kabul, Afghanistan Tuesday officials said.

Three NATO soldiers were killed in the attack. The Taliban took admitted fault in the attacks.

The first attack occurred when a woman drove 660 pounds of explosives packed on a car and crashed into a van near the Kabul International Airport. This attack alone killed 12 and wounded 11 government officials said.

Relation department officials said they were working hard to identify the victims and notify the families. Eight of the victims were South African reported Afghanistan Police.

Officials say the attacks are a few of many in response to an amateur You-Tube video produced in the United States that mocks the Islam religion.

JFK jets searched, no threats found

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Two jetliners were stopped and searched Monday at John F. Kennedy International Airport on suspicion of a security threat officials said.

The threat came from an anonymous call about two planes that allegedly had bombs and hijackers aboard. Both jets were stopped and searched with no security threat found security advisor said.

The FBI found no further threat to the security of the airport. The two planes were inbound. One was an American Airlines flight from San Francisco and the other was a Finnair flight from Helsinki, Finland law enforcement said.

Analysis of leads- Week one

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The lead from the story on CNN's website is as follows: Hong Kong (CNN) -- The newly appointed Japanese ambassador to China has died after taking ill and collapsing in Tokyo late last week.

In this lead, the elements of who, what, where, when are all covered. Who: the Japanese ambassador, What: The ambassador passed away. Where: In Tokyo. And When: Late last week.

The who complex is detailed. The lead informs the readers that the ambassador is new to his job. The lead also goes into great detail about the what happened, he died after collapsing. The when element seems to be appropriate, it just describes that he collapsed in Tokyo- no additions to where in Tokyo or even if he had died there. The lead doesn't describe the actual day the man died, which could be added to get a better idea of what happened, considering current events between the two nations of China and Japan.

The reporter chose this approach because this is a hard news story. The lead gives just enough information so that readers know exactly what happened to who, and where.

Marriage Amendment Creates Divide Amongst Voters

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Minnesota's marriage amendment has created a divide between the young and old voters in the state reported the Star Tribune Sunday evening.

A divide which is usually reserved between Republicans and Democrats has split the state over the proposed amendment to ban same-sex marriage in the state of Minnesota. The older voters are generally in approval of the message, whilst the younger voters have voiced to oppose this amendment.

Although same-sex marriages are not recognized by the state of Minnesota, this amendment, if approved would make same-sex marriages illegal in the state's constitution.

Chinese Anti-Japan Protests Grow Over Disputed Islands

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Tension grows over a disputed set of islands between China and Japan as protestors stood outside the Japanese embassy Saturday.

Protestors waved Chinese flags and portraits of Chairman Mao Zedong as they walked the streets near the embassy. Chinese Police were in place as the protestors called for war against Japan.

Other similar anti-Japenese rallies have occurred in the past few days via Chinese social media websites and mobs have vandalized stores Japanese stores. Japanese media have reported similar anti-Chinese rallies. Both countries insist the safety of their citizens has not been infringed.

Tension sprung up Friday morning when Chinese ships ignored Japanese warnings and entered waters near the disputed islands currently under Japanese control. The United States, a key ally in the dispute, urged a quick resolution through dialogue.

The history of the dispute about the islands started in the 1800s when there was confusion about who had control over the islands but have currently been under Japanese jurisdiction since 1972.

Boundary Wildfire Continue to Blaze

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Forest officials are closing watching several small fires around the Boundary Waters said officials Saturday.

A Parley Lake fire, 20 miles north of Ely, estimated to be 35 acres has been 10 percent contained. Another fire on Basswood Lake, 12 miles northeast of Ely burned 2.5 acres and is 75 percent contained.

Forest ground crew are in place and aircrafts are controlling the fire by dropping water on the blaze from the air.

The fires prompted officials to close the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

Across the border in Canada, a blaze called Fort Frances No. 59 burned 500 acres. Canadian fire crews are fighting to control the fire.

Court Rules Local Woman Owes $222,000 to Record Companies

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By Colleen Case
A six-year long court battle against Jammie Thomas-Rasset over shared and downloaded music has been sent down to Minnesota Courts reported the Star Tribune.
The ruling, made by three judges reinstated a $222,000 award against the Brainerd woman which was cut to $54,000.
Record companies approve of the ruling, saying that "the appeals court's ruling could could potentially give record companies more leverage to extract settlements from file sharer" reported the Star Tribune.
The lawsuit began in 2006 against Thomas-Rasset when it came to the attention of several music industry organizations that she had used a file-sharing website to distribute songs. Unlike others in similar lawsuits, Thomas-Rasset refused to settle.
Many professionals in media and copy write law hope this case will deter the amount of illegal sharing and downloads of music. The Star Tribune reported, "The 1976 Copyright Act specifies that distribution can take place only by actively making a copy of a protected work, or by making a "phonorecord," a term of art referring to a physical object that contains a protected work."

No Agreement Reached in Chicago Teacher's Strike

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No Agreement Reached in Chicago Teacher's Strike
by Colleen Case

As of late Monday night no agreement has been made between Chicago public school teacher's union and the school board reported CNN.
The first teacher's strike in 25 years left 350,000 students with a day off. Local police enforcement has increased their patrols with more kids on the street.
The Union, made up of 30,000 teachers, called the strike after eight months of negotiating with the school district's administration was not resolved.
Many parents of students responded negatively to the strike. Many were left scrambling to find arrangements for their children.
Pay raises, length of school days, health benefits and job security were all factors in the negation with the school board. The proposed changes by the teacher's union would cost $400 million over 4 years reported CNN.
At a midday conference, an administrator said "Both sides need to get back to the table as quickly as possible and really stay in there, negotiate through the night if necessary. Get it over with quickly so that we can get these kids back in school."

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