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What Would Jesus Brew?

This cartoon on Wonder Showzen has several important concepts: Critical thinking, the harmful effect of drugs, and the sex of different holy books. And don't forget the twwinnnnsss! (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!)

Penn Jillette on The Colbert Report

Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) was on the Colbert Report recently. The great moment is when he looks into the camera and says "There is no <bleep bleep bleep>, the Tooth Fairy is your <bleep> and your <bleep>, there is no <bleep bleep bleep>, and no god. Sorry!" In other words, they bleeped out the fact that Santa Claus is your parents, but left in the "no god" part. Classic.

"Little Dead Pope" and "Dear Jesus"

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If you haven't seen Wonder Showzen, you're missing out on some of the best religious satire in existence, as well as one of the funniest shows on television in general. The format is a faux-children's show, in the style of Sesame Street, with multiple short segments involving puppets, young children, cartoons, and documentary style videos with voiceover. The following clip has three segments: "Little Dead Pope", which features a young child reporter dressed like the dead pope, "What is Jim drawing?" which is obscene, and "Dear Jesus", which is classic. Sorry to bookend the religious satire around an obscene section, but just to make sure it's clear, this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Sam Harris on the Colbert Report

Atheist Sam Harris, author of End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation, is interviewed by Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report. Pretty unflappable.

Reviews of the Bible on

Check out some of the reviews left on the website for the bible. Link

Robot Chicken Atheist

Here's a clip from the show Robot Chicken about an atheist who dies in an unfortunate... plot device.