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Blasphemy Challenge on Fox News

As one of our members said on the CASH e-mail list:

Brian Flemming, the guy behind "The God Who Wasn't There" (available on
DVD from CASH!), gets interviewed by a miscellaneous screaming head on
Fox News about the Blasphemy Challenge, the YouTube-based campaign that
gives a free DVD to anyone who posts a video of themselves denouncing
the Holy Spirit - according to a passage in the Bible, that's the only
unforgivable sin.

Flemming doesn't pull any punches, but he really wins this one by
keeping his cool. It's especially noticeable when the news jockey shouts
"Why are you so angry?!" Another ironic thread he doesn't get a chance
to pull on is that the guy accuses him of "manipulating" kids by
offering them a free DVD. What, exactly, does the so-called "torture" of
religion do to kids by offering them eternal paradise? The best line is:
"I think that atheists can play basketball too."

Christianity and Aliens

Eddie Izzard covers a wide range of topics in this short clip from his standup routine. But somewhere in the middle he gets around to confusing Christianity with the movie Alien (s?).

Family Guy examines evolution

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Religious Themed Faux-Horoscope

From America's finest news source (The Onion), the horoscope for people born on January 24:
Religion will soon instill in you a renewed sense of purpose. Also, it will soon instill in you a renewed sense of fear, a renewed sense of guilt, and a renewed sense of shame.


Penn Jillette takes the blashemy challenge

I previously posted a clip about the blasphemy challenge, wherein YouTube posters were invited to upload videos of themselves renouncing the holy spirit, thereby committing the one sin for which the Bible says one cannot be forgiven. In this clip, Penn Jillette, of Penn and Teller, Penn and Teller's Bullshit, and some new show, takes the blasphemy challenge:

Ali G Religion Roundtable

Ali G, a character played by the same guy who plays Borat, holds a round table of a Catholic priest, a rabbi, an atheist, and a girl whose religion I don't know offhand and I don't feel like looking for it. This is pretty absurd.

Classic music video: Losing My Religion

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I don't know if you CASH kids are old enough to remember this, but the channel MTV (Music Television) used to show these things called "music videos", all day long. And the following is one of the legendary videos of that time period, before it was taken over by drunken college dropouts doing body shots and skinny dipping in hot tubs behind the mansion where they stay to experience the real world. Without further ado, I present REM: Losing My Religion.

Christianity vs. Islam

This is from the Even Stephven (Stevphen?) segment of the Daily Show back when it had both Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert, sweet sassy molassey those were the days! Watch as they attempt to settle the debate about which religion is correct in 3 minutes.

James Brown editorial cartoon


So, you know how whenever a well-liked person dies, the following week there is a stream of editorial cartoons showing that person at the pearly gates, or playing their instrument with angels. No surprise that the Onion chose to satirize that practice in their newish editorial cartoon feature. It's hilarious all the time, but this week it's appropriate to this blog.


Excerpt from Richard Dawkins documentary on religion

This video, featuring disgraced evangelical minister, admitted meth buyer and prostitute solicitor Ted Haggard, is part of a documentary created by Richard Dawkins and shown in the UK. I find it a little scary. Link goes to YouTube page since embedding was disabled. Link

Lewis Black on Religion

Lewis Black, from the Daily Show's "Back in Black" segment, talks about religion. My favorite part is the ranting.