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The miracle of breakfast

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What's the difference between a moral pillar and a crazy person?

From the left-wing comic I Drew This, comes the following atheist-friendly entry:


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CNN Actually Talks to an Atheist


Following the debacle in which CNN ran a panel on atheism without any atheists, CNN has a follow up in response to the outcry actually including atheists. First, a heavily edited interview with the world's greatest scientist, Richard Dawkins:

Then, a panel discussion with Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists (and one-time CASH guest speaker):

CNN hates atheists (Part Two)

Here is part two of the series. This is the more controversial part, I believe, because it features a panel of three non-atheists, two of whom show impressive amounts of bigotry. If you watch ESPN at all, you'll recognize Stephen A. Smith, who proves to be the rational and cool-headed member of this panel. Yes, re-read that sentence, Smith was the rational and cool-headed one. Anyways, here it is:

YouTube controversy over Atheist criticism of the Koran

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The following video was posted about a week ago, and its creator had all of his accounts deleted and videos removed.

Since he was only displaying quotes directly taken from the Koran, and he has frequently criticized Christianity in the past, it seemed like a harsh double standard. So in a display of solidarity and protest, several people reposted the video. In addition, it has started a mild controversy over censorship on websites with user generated content. If you're interested in that angle, you can check out this story.

CNN hates atheists (Part One)

Mr. Deity Webseries

Here is episode one of a webseries called "Mr. Deity", on the creation of evil. Pretty funny, I'll have to check out the other episodes some time.