Plans For A Podcast

podcast.png You may notice, if you're the type to notice, that there's a category on the right dedicated to "Podcast." Now you may observe, if you're the type to observe, that there's no podcasts in that link. That's because we haven't done any. I'm planning on, once the board all gets back to campus, to record a bi-weekly, 30 to 45 minute podcast of 3-4 the CASH board/members just bullshitting. Why? Because we don't have any more insights or authority than you do on events of the day, but podcasting is a hell of a lot of fun and is a great way to advertise for CASH. I looked at the podcasts I enjoyed listening to and realized I liked them because there was a vibe of sitting around and hanging out with friends, and that's what we'll strive to emulate. Maybe you moved off campus, can't make it that week, or have a scheduling conflict? Well now you can feel a little bit better about yourself knowing you can listen to similar minded people ramble on about inane bullshit.