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You're Beautiful

On Tuesday, February 23 was the day we toured Chambers in Downtown Minneapolis. While on the tour we were to find a piece of art that we responded to. The piece that I responded to was Titanium Expose by Machiko Edmondson. What caught my eye about this piece, needless to say, was the eyes. The piece is oil on canvas of a close-up face. The face is almost completely in black and white. The lips as a bit of natural tone and the eyes were vibrant shades of blue and green, which is a nice contrast and makes the focus centered on the eyes. The artist's use of line and color in this piece show's that the saying "everything's not what it seems" is true. What do line and color have to do with this? Well first, the face is in a sense 'perfect' and the idealistic beauty that people see, but when you look closer the woman has spots (possibly freckles) and it appears as though she's crying which does show some imperfection. By the artist using blues and greens in the eyes I, personally, looked at the way Edmondson used the line and colors in order to make the eye look realistic. In addition, the way the head is tilted, what appears to be a tear and the way the eyes look gives the impression that there is more than meets the eye. Based on the fact the painting looks as realistic as a photograph it makes for an even more convincing argument that there is more to this women than we are able to see by the mere image. Eyes tend to be what catches my own eyes in images because I feel that the eyes can say what words and other body language can't always say. They are, in a sense, the window to someone's personality. I also have a recent knack for drawing eyes myself and by seeing the way others create them always intrigues me, as well as, other types of work. So by the artist choosing to use line to define 'idealistic beauty' and selective coloring Edmondson allows for the viewers to interpret the deeper meaning of things other than what meets the eye.

Lights. Camera. Action.

This is a biographical statement recorded in Studio E on February 16.

Life is Perfect

The artist I chose is David McLain. I chose him because I love the way he captures everyday life and landscapes alike. He captures emotion and meaning in his works as well. David McLain's website url is: http://www.davidmclain.com/index.html


This image includes three images taken in my dorm room of me reading (I have a lot of reading for school and I enjoy pleasure reading), on my laptop (I like keeping in touch with people via the internet, listening to music and of course there's always homework to be done) and drawing/doodling (I enjoy doodling and drawing, but it also incorporates the homework of a college student)
T & I - Me x3 **.jpg

My Flipbook Example

I chose this flipbook because of it's simplicity and I love music. The simplicity allows others to see that you don't need to be a really good artist and have the ability to draw in great detail.
Video html: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D9P5HZkPys

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