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The Bourne Ultimatum

The segment from this movie I chose to analyze is beginning about 5-6 minutes into the movie when the camera angle is mainly over the shoulder shots. With the camera angle over the shoulder, as a viewer, I find somewhat annoying, but at the same time I can kind of understand the reasoning. I believe the camera angle being over the shoulder creates a sense that the topic of conversation is rather secret and makes it seem as if the viewers are intruding on the conversation. The lighting in this sequence allows for only the person speaking to be seen. You can see that the face of the speaker is well lit while the other person's shoulder/head is black to try to make the effect stronger and more meaningful. Since the shots are over the shoulder, the view is rather close up and the face of the speaker are decently shown in the frame. The environment in this scene is in the corner of a small, quiet resteraunt. This environment causes the characters to speak in hushed tones (or whispers) in order to maintain the secrecy of the conversation. The colors are pretty neutral and don't have much effect on the scene as a whole.

OP_ERA: sonic dimension

This piece by Daniela Kutschat and Rejane Cantoni is an interactive media piece. The OP_ERA: sonic dimension is intended to be an open (3-sided) music box. What intrigued me most about this piece is that the use of 'rope light, violin strings' in order to create music or sounds. Since this piece gives out both light and sound waves it allows even more opportunity for someone to become more curious about the piece. Personally I would love to see it since I love music and it seems like a very creative way to let anyone to play visually appealing music. It is definitely a unique piece that most likely everyone would enjoy considering both the visual and sound appeal the OP_ERA: sonic dimension contains.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

This is a sound project done in class with Chinna. All of the sounds were recorded in Minneapolis (downtown and on campus).
Sound Project.wav

Float On By

On Tuesday, March 2, we went to the Nash gallery. One of the pieces that caught my eyes was Floating by Mayumi Amada. This piece had several blue toned flowers tied with fishing line and hanging down about a foot off the ground. What I liked was the way the flowers moved as if they were on water because of the way they were hanging and the air flow of the room. The bluish tone to the flowers added to the effect they were on water because the color relates to the color of water.

Life Goes On

The video below is my flip-book animation.

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