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The Best of All Possible Worlds

Laura Primozic
And Then There Was One (clay, wax and wood) - 3 part piece

Glaciers Melting In The Dead Of The Night (clay and wax)

These two pieces I believe to all fit together really well even though they are separate pieces. The second piece listed shows small icebergs/glaciers at a far distance from one another and a lot of open water to represent that they are melting. The other piece has an iceberg seeming to get towed away, a bunch of boats surrounding a glacier seeming to take it apart/destroy it and one that looks as if there was a giant oil spill to maybe represent the pollution and/or global warming affects. These to pieces can fit together because pollution and global warming can cause the glaciers to melt at an advanced rate and by showing the boats, that add pollution, and the pile, of what appears to be, oil containers and the spills that came with them. The used media was well chosen because it makes the subjects (water, glaciers, etc.) easier to visual and more realistic.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 8

These first two pictures represent To Write Love on Her Arms day (TWLOHA).

I like to doodle, draw and color. Music lyrics and quotes inspire me. This is a combination of all of those things.

MN Original

On April 22, 2010, the first episode of MN Original aired on tv. After watching this episode it makes me more interested in watching more of this show as well as learn more about hidden talent. I think this show is a great idea because it's a way that local artists can get acknowledged and recognized. Recently I have been discovering local musicians through friends and Facebook, which I always find pretty neat because local artists tend not to be well known and I like spreading new findings. This show could help both the people who are included in the episodes in being discovered and help the viewers find something new to enjoy.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 7

I toook a picture of my eye because I find eyes rather interesting, pretty and intricate because everyone's eyes are different and the irises have intricate designs and different colors in them. Eyes just interest me in a way that's kind of hard to explain.

This is a picture of a Twins game that I went to at Target Field.

This is a picture of the Mat Kearney concert I went to with one of my friends for the U of M 'lend a hand hear the band'.

Where the Wild Things Are

For this analysis I looked at the different clips available on wherethewildthingsare.warnerbrothers.com and noticed that it is common to have the camera angle be from Max's (the main character) perspective and looking directly at him from his level. I think this was used in order to make the viewers seem to be more a part of this movie by becoming almost an equal to Max. This could also be used so that the viewers feel the same things Max does (to an extent) because by seeing things the same way and certain angles allow for certain feelings can give the viewers a 'bond' with the main character. Also, seeing the way Max reacts to things at his eye level allow for the viewers to get a better understanding of things going on in the film.

Are You Joking?

"Tom Poole is Joking" is the name of the 3-Minute Egg segment I chose to respond to. I found this segment interesting in the way that Tom Poole's ideas and comedic art were displayed. Tom was talking throughout a majority of the segment while showing both him talking and parts of one of his shows as well. The things that Tom talked about were interesting because I find it neat to figure out how people come up with ideas and such. Tom mentioned that he does do some comissioned works, which end up limiting his idea range. However, he does end up writing other acts whether they will end up getting published or not. I think by showing Tom Poole's interview and parts of his comedic works makes it easier to understand the kinds of projects that he does, as well as, his comedic style.

Busy At Peace

This is my video project that shows the transition between the natural aspect of the world to city life and different aspects of the environments.

Experimental Works

In the BFA exhibit in the Quarter Gallery, Ben Lansky did Experiments #1-3. The one that caught my eye the most was Experiment #1: Attempting Simultaneous Duplication of the Documentation of an Event because it shows that you can't capture the same thing twice even using idendical equipment. The reason I found this intriguing is because it's something that is so simple, but in the way it's displayed and express makes the kind of obvious act interesting and a work of art. It was nice to see the two identical cameras displayed as well as the two attempts at taking identical photographs. The images were not the same, but they were close and all had some interest to them anyway.

Emote :)

In the BA exhibit in the west art building one of the pieces is titled Project Emoticon, FTW by Cat Pond. What caught my eye about this piece was that the two photos had the subjects' faces replaced with an emoticon that are now very commonly used. The overall composition of the photos is really nice and with the idea of replacing the way people really express their feelings with the way people express their feelings online. Also, by having several other emoticons printed and positioned in frames the way they would appear online as typed added more interest because they almost seemed as if they were positioned to tell a story using only emotions.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 6

Here are some of my photoshop projects of photos that I have taken and edited.
Keys & ID.jpg

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 5

So I love music and find concerts fun and exciting because of the loud music and the entertaining performer. This photo is from the Black Eyed Peas concert on March 22, 2010. DSC_0139.JPG
This is a photo of the road that goes by Loring Park in Minneapolis.
Squirrels. Anyone who is ever on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus has seen plenty of them.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 4

Over spring break I decided to enjoy the weather by being outside in my backyard, the sculpture garden and the Como conservatory.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 3

It's important to hold on to the ones you love and care about.

There's an interesting story behind this duck that's too long to type.

So I love flowers, purple and when questionable shots turn out rather nicely.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 2

I have a habit of doodling. Whether there's a purpose or it's just plain mindless.

I have a love for music and tend to play music off of my iTunes on my computer. Turns out my cat loves music too.

Bubbles. It's actually rather hard to take a good picture of a bubble.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 1

This photo I took at the sculpture garden and it represents that I love taking photos and I also love flowers. DSC_0212.jpg

This photo was taken when Target Field was open to the public. You can see the infield and downtown Minneapolis. 102_4518.JPG

I love my computer so I can keep in touch with friends, listen to music, store my photos, photoshop and much more.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away

I like drawing, doodling and coloring with bright and bold colors.

These are some of the icicles near the Mississippi that were much taller than my friend and I.

This bridge is one that I see everyday, but normally not from this angle.

I do enjoy reading, but it does help a lot when the book I am reading is interesting.

Get Ready for the Shootout

This is an experimental video in order to get used to using a video camera and the editing software. Theme: western shootout.

You Can't See Me!

Today at the Nash gallery one of the pieces that caught my eye was a Pillow Fort Barrier by Juanita Berrio. The main reason this caught my eye was the giant stack of pillows. Also there was the phrase "Or that you don't want to see us?" painted on the wall which kind of confused me until I went up to the pillow fort and looked in the openings provided. When I looked through the openings I did see the phrase "Is it that you don't see us?". After that phrase and the other phrase were put together the piece takes on a whole new meaning and makes a lot more sense. This piece makes you think about those two questions and try to make you as a viewer come up with an answer. "Is it that you don't see us? Or is it that you don't want to see us?"

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