The Best of All Possible Worlds

Laura Primozic
And Then There Was One (clay, wax and wood) - 3 part piece

Glaciers Melting In The Dead Of The Night (clay and wax)

These two pieces I believe to all fit together really well even though they are separate pieces. The second piece listed shows small icebergs/glaciers at a far distance from one another and a lot of open water to represent that they are melting. The other piece has an iceberg seeming to get towed away, a bunch of boats surrounding a glacier seeming to take it apart/destroy it and one that looks as if there was a giant oil spill to maybe represent the pollution and/or global warming affects. These to pieces can fit together because pollution and global warming can cause the glaciers to melt at an advanced rate and by showing the boats, that add pollution, and the pile, of what appears to be, oil containers and the spills that came with them. The used media was well chosen because it makes the subjects (water, glaciers, etc.) easier to visual and more realistic.

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