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A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 9

This is a photo from a walk down by the Mississippi River that I edited a little.

The next photo is Ari Herstand, a newer Minnesotan artist, performing on the St. Paul campus mall area on April 30, 2010. (phone quality)
Ari Herstand.jpg

I discovered this band, Owl City, before he became rather popular and played on the radio. Which is one reason why it's fun to find out about upcoming artists, especially Minnesotan artists, then being able to see them in person. This concert was May 1, 2010.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 8

These first two pictures represent To Write Love on Her Arms day (TWLOHA).

I like to doodle, draw and color. Music lyrics and quotes inspire me. This is a combination of all of those things.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 7

I toook a picture of my eye because I find eyes rather interesting, pretty and intricate because everyone's eyes are different and the irises have intricate designs and different colors in them. Eyes just interest me in a way that's kind of hard to explain.

This is a picture of a Twins game that I went to at Target Field.

This is a picture of the Mat Kearney concert I went to with one of my friends for the U of M 'lend a hand hear the band'.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 6

Here are some of my photoshop projects of photos that I have taken and edited.
Keys & ID.jpg

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 5

So I love music and find concerts fun and exciting because of the loud music and the entertaining performer. This photo is from the Black Eyed Peas concert on March 22, 2010. DSC_0139.JPG
This is a photo of the road that goes by Loring Park in Minneapolis.
Squirrels. Anyone who is ever on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus has seen plenty of them.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 4

Over spring break I decided to enjoy the weather by being outside in my backyard, the sculpture garden and the Como conservatory.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 3

It's important to hold on to the ones you love and care about.

There's an interesting story behind this duck that's too long to type.

So I love flowers, purple and when questionable shots turn out rather nicely.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 2

I have a habit of doodling. Whether there's a purpose or it's just plain mindless.

I have a love for music and tend to play music off of my iTunes on my computer. Turns out my cat loves music too.

Bubbles. It's actually rather hard to take a good picture of a bubble.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away Part 1

This photo I took at the sculpture garden and it represents that I love taking photos and I also love flowers. DSC_0212.jpg

This photo was taken when Target Field was open to the public. You can see the infield and downtown Minneapolis. 102_4518.JPG

I love my computer so I can keep in touch with friends, listen to music, store my photos, photoshop and much more.

A Photo a Day Keeps the Boredom Away

I like drawing, doodling and coloring with bright and bold colors.

These are some of the icicles near the Mississippi that were much taller than my friend and I.

This bridge is one that I see everyday, but normally not from this angle.

I do enjoy reading, but it does help a lot when the book I am reading is interesting.

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