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It's Gotta Be Me

This is a stopmotion created with drawings that have to do with things I like and that are important to me.

Busy At Peace

This is my video project that shows the transition between the natural aspect of the world to city life and different aspects of the environments.

Get Ready for the Shootout

This is an experimental video in order to get used to using a video camera and the editing software. Theme: western shootout.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

This is a sound project done in class with Chinna. All of the sounds were recorded in Minneapolis (downtown and on campus).
Sound Project.wav

Life Goes On

The video below is my flip-book animation.

Lights. Camera. Action.

This is a biographical statement recorded in Studio E on February 16.


This image includes three images taken in my dorm room of me reading (I have a lot of reading for school and I enjoy pleasure reading), on my laptop (I like keeping in touch with people via the internet, listening to music and of course there's always homework to be done) and drawing/doodling (I enjoy doodling and drawing, but it also incorporates the homework of a college student)
T & I - Me x3 **.jpg

My Flipbook Example

I chose this flipbook because of it's simplicity and I love music. The simplicity allows others to see that you don't need to be a really good artist and have the ability to draw in great detail.
Video html:

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