August 19, 2005

July/August Newsletter

Hello Avid Readers!

For you most surely must be to still be reading these newsletters!

Well, my last month in Japan was a wonderful time. My 2nd cousin from PA came over to visit me in Japan and we toured around and were even able to be at Gion Matsuri in Kyoto for the duration—what a blast! After she left I had about 2 weeks left in Japan and it was filled with many wonderful dinners, parties, and café visits with the close friends I made while in Japan. I must admit it was all a bit overwhelming and filled with mixed feelings: sad to be leaving such good friends and yet happy to return to family and friends back home. The last 24 hours in Japan were quite a whirlwind and filled with many laughs and tears, I then returned to the U.S. after being seen off at the airport by many kind souls considering the early hour and children present! : )

I’ve been back for a bit more than a week and so I am still settling in. It’s good to be home and I am shaking off that “return funk” that one often has upon returning home after time abroad. At the moment, I am working on re-connecting with friends and family and starting a job search as well. Next month I also go back to the U of MN for my last actual class for my Master’s and will work on my thesis during fall semester and plan to defend in spring of next year.

Well, I suppose that wraps up my year in Japan newsletter-wise! Hope that you enjoyed the armchair travels and let me know if you want to be on-board in the future!

Kiyotsukette, ne?

Posted by cassl001 at 9:10 AM