Are politicians human?

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Mitt Romney made two major campaigns for the Office of the President of the United States in the 2008 and 2012 campaigns. MITT takes an intimate look at the Romney family from the initial decision to run and the primaries to the general election.

The argument made by the writer and director, Greg Whitely, is that the public did not capture all of Mitt Romney's humanity through the mainstream media. Whitely is not going as far as arguing that Romney would have become President, had the public seen his human side.

The film shows that Romney is actually a funny, seemingly humble family-man, when he is behind the scenes. Throughout Romney's campaign events, he kept his family by his side. This documentary shows Romney and his family experiencing the highs and lows of his ultimately unsuccessful campaign.

Despite its good intentions, every political documentary must be viewed with a critical eye. The most important critique of a political documentary is the price of access. The Romney's agreed to be filmed, the cameras used were not hidden, and there was definitely an editorial process. This documentary counteracts the dilemma of access by being fairly balanced. It does not ignore Romney's mistakes, including his "47-percent" comment and his deficiency when debating against President Obama.

In these politically polarized times the documentary took on a difficult argument. Most of America views politicians as conniving, vengeful liars. Another Netflix production, House of Cards, uses this view to its advantage, painting a Southern politician in the darkest light. Its Emmys and Golden Globes should tell you enough about the acceptance of this point-of-view. MITT set out to show the human side of a very wealthy, white, conservative, politician. While I agree that politicians often act in self-interest, it is important to realize that, in the end, they are human. MITT constructs a realistic, balanced, and, ultimately, effective argument for the human side of Mitt Romney.

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