August 15, 2008

Keeping busy

Back in Kaduna we found that another member of the WCE team, Nicholas from Zimbabwe, had arrived after having his flight delayed. The team had set up the eGranary server and gotten it working after solving some hardware issues due to loose connections. They had also acquired a substantial length of cabling to reconnect the Media Center and the Cyber Cafe. The buildings had been networked at one point, but a truck had pulled down the cable and since there was no Internet access anyway it had never been replaced.

Since we will be setting up the eGranary digital library here it can provide a lot of information over the network even without access to the wider world so it's important to get all the machines connected again.

Unfortunately a few of the team members with less technical capabilities are at a loss for things to do. They had been expecting to be able to help with setting up the new computers but since the machines are still in customs they feel a bit superfluous here. It's going to be a challenge keeping everyone occupied for the duration of the trip.

Several of the team members in Kaduna had been a bit ill while Mike and I were gone so Father Anthony offered to have special meals prepared for us -- we had previously been eating in the regular restaurant at the Social Center. Hopefully this will help folks adjust to the diet here a little more gradually. There's been some confusion about whether he was offering breakfast as well so on Friday morning we had breakfast twice, once at the restaurant and once at the Father's house.

It's Friday afternoon now and most of the team has split up by their own initiative to work on whatever different projects they think are useful. Mike is learning to cut and crimp CAT5 cables; Nicholas has spent the morning fixing a laptop from the Media Center which had a bad battery connection; Carey, Lewis, and Ben have gone in search of more CAT5 cable and a few other odds and ends; Bryan has been busy video taping as much of the activity as he can. Earlier this morning there was an impromptu class on cable crimping for the local IT team. Joe has been burning Ubuntu CDs for folks and I've been compiling information from the last several days. The power is out, but the computer lab is running off a generator just outside the window. I'll set off to a nearby cyber cafe with Internet access to post this blog in a few minutes.

Posted by cayfo001 at August 15, 2008 10:29 AM