June 4, 2008

Obama rally lines

Emily and I spent an hour or so waiting in line to get into the Xcel center last night to see Barack Obama speak. Unfortunately we didn't get in. We heard there had been 40 - 50,000 people waiting and capacity was 18,500. Instead we went to Pazzaluna and watched the speech on live TV at the bar.

The number of people waiting to get in was really impressive. Here's a map of the line as of when we joined it. Google says this is about 1.3 miles long, but it seemed longer and had already been moving for a while before we got there.

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For comparison, here's the line we waited in for Obama's February 2 rally at the Target Center. I think the line last night was thicker, probably about 4 people wide as opposed to 2 people wide in February.

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Posted by cayfo001 at 1:30 PM