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Bibliographic Software

Do you have trouble keeping track of all of the sources that you might like to use in your research? For the past couple of years, there have been several new online bibliographic tools to help you organize and cite your sources. These tools will help you create citations to articles or books in an online catalog or database, store them, and export the citations into a Word document should you decide to use them in your work.

You may have heard of RefWorks and EndNote, which have been available for several years. RefWorks is free through the University of Minnesota Libraries after you create a user name and password. (If you are on another campus, you may have a free subscription as well. Check your library's home page or talk to a librarian.) More recently, for Firefox users, a tool called Zotero was developed. Zotero, an extension for the Firefox browser, will actually sense if there is a potential resource on a web site that you are on and automatically create a citation that you can save or pass over. Along with citations, it will store web pages, PDF files, and other documents. And, it's free, whether or not you have a university account.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all of these services, but each of them makes keeping track of resources a lot easier than it used to be. Please feel free to comment below this post on the pros and cons to these tools.


Thanks for the pointer to references! I am going to give them both a try.

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