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Burroughs Photographs

Archival research doesn't always have to be about coming into the library to look through documents. As both an archivist and a history major, I really like old papers, but you might not all feel the same way that I do. In recognition of this fact, a lot of archives are digitizing important collections and making them available on the Web (I've talked about this in previous posts).

CBI's current contribution to this phenomenon is our database of Burroughs Corporation photographs. The Burroughs Corporation was a major manufacturer of adding machines and then a major computer company. Along with the Control Data Corporation Records, the Burroughs Corporation Records are one of our largest and most used collections. Feel free to look through the photos that are available online - it's a great way of doing historical research without having to leave your desk.

We are working on a couple more digitized collections as well, and we'll let you know as they become available.

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