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Information Literacy

This morning I attended the first of a five-part University of Minnesota Libraries series on information literacy. The whole point of the series is to help us rethink our methods for helping students become information literate, based on new thinking and scholarship about the structure of higher education. The goal for the university as a whole is to become more learning-focused, rather than instruction-focused. They've recently adopted 7 "Student Learning Outcomes," which can (and eventually will) be adopted by instructors with the goal of all students by the end of their undergraduate careers having gained proficiency in all of the areas.

Librarians, specifically, are charged with helping to integrate information literacy into the curriculum as a whole (rather than being focused exclusively on providing one-time in-person instruction sessions to classes, for instance). It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out in the next couple of years, and how CBI, and archives and special collections in general, will be able to participate.

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