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CBI Historical Tidbit - 1995

Happy New Year to all. Now that we're in the beginning of the new year, I thought I'd devote this entry to a watershed event in CBI's past. I was going through old CBI newsletters recently, and came across this article from the Winter 1995 issue: "CBI on the Web!" Naturally, the headline intrigued me, so I spent a few minutes reading the article through. It details the first-ever CBI web site, but the most fascinating parts - at least for computing historians - are the necessity, method, and terminology used to describe the CBI site. Some quotes:

"One advantage of the Web over the Internet Gopher is its ability to highlight certain phrases that, when selected, refer to other documents, images or Internet sites."

"Because of the amount of time they add to calling and viewing a hypertext document, CBI has been conservative in its use of images on the Web."

"CBI established its Web in December 1994...Since that time CBI's archival staff has produced a broad range of hypertext documents."

CBI's current and past newsletters are all available on our web site, and, as you can see, they're worth perusing not just for institutional history but for the history of computing in general.

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