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Humanities and Technology

From the SHOT blog:

Humanities and Technology Review is the journal of the Humanities and Technology Association. HTR is published annually in the fall, and it offers a publication outlet for interdisciplinary articles on a broad range of themes addressing the interface between the humanities and technology.

In the Fall 2008 edition we would like to address the theme of technology and the human condition. We encourage reflection on the impact of technology on the lived experience of peoples throughout the world. The theme can be taken broadly, but here are some ideas:

* Implications of new information technologies for the concept of the world citizen
* Moral responsibility for actions that occur at a distance
* Technology and Developing Countries
* Surveillance Technologies and Privacy Rights
* Technology and the Nature of Labor
* Intelligent Computer Agent “Behaviors� and Accountability
* Spoken Word (hip hop, poetry, free style) and Technology

The 2008 edition will also include a special section: Proceedings, Selected Papers of the 2007 HTA Conference, October 4-6, 2007, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Frederick B. Mills, Editor
Humanities and Technology Review
Department of History and Government
Bowie State University

Email: fmills2003@yahoo.com

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