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2008-09 Tomash Fellow

An announcement courtesy of Jeff:

The 2008-09 Tomash Fellow is Ian Walsh, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Organization Studies, Carroll School of Management, Boston College University. He will be visiting CBI to use a variety of our collections (DECUS, Market Research, Auerbach, etc.) and present his ongoing research in the coming academic year. His dissertation is on the history of organizational afterlife of IT corporations (The degree of identification of former employees with a company after it ceases to exist, and the culture, practices, methods, etc. that live on in new corporate entities/activities.) He is doing cases on the history of two minicomputing firms and their afterlife--Digital Equipment (DEC) and Data General.

His web page is at http://www2.bc.edu/~walshia/ .

CBI awards the Tomash Fellowship annually to a graduate student doing doctoral dissertation research in the history of computing.

Congratulations, Ian!

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