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College of Continuing Education News

From the Development Director


Our College opens the door to the University for thousands of people every year - whether folks want to study across colleges and disciplines for a bachelor's or master's degree, focus in on their professional skills or life enrichment, or want just a single class to start or finish their degree.

For all the students we help, many remain whom we cannot. Government aid, loans, and central administration support simply can't meet the growing student need. Potential is lost to the individual, and society.

For example, years ago a scholarship was set up specifically for single mothers. Yet, over the last few years the bottom has almost completely dropped out for that population. Financing a college education for them, and for so many others, is unthinkable now.

As I write, Dr. Eric Kaler has been inaugurated as our University's 16th president, giving him the opportunity to lead us to enhance the quality of operations here at the U while holding students front-of-mind. This challenging and complex job has got to be a tough, but his success will facilitate big rewards for our students, our state, and our world.

Your impact can be just as great. Please consider supporting a College of Continuing Education scholarship fund - help us open a door and change a life. The enclosed envelope makes your generous act easy.

Thank you so much.

Yours truly,


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