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College of Continuing Education News

December 2011 Archives

College of Continuing Education advisers specialize in working with students to understand their past -- work experiences, academic history, interests -- and where they want to go in order to collectively create a personalized bachelor's degree plan.

These interdisciplinary degrees draw on courses from throughout the University to really hone in on the expertise a student wants to build -- often coming at a topic from different angles not possible in a conventional degree.

Since the U's robust course list offers everything from accounting to youth development, degree concentration "recipes" are nearly endless.

We polled advisers and asked what degree combinations they found most interesting. Here are some of their responses:

  1. Addiction Studies and Complementary Healing

  2. Cognitive Studies (statistics, psychology, neuroscience, math)

  3. Deaf Studies, German

  4. Economics, Geography, and Models of Growth

  5. Finance, Applied Economics, and Global Studies

  6. Fisheries and Wildlife, Communication Studies, and Sustainability Studies

  7. Food and Immigrant Identity

  8. Gender, Women and Sexuality, Public Health, and Writing Studies

  9. Global Studies, Sustainability Studies, and Social Justice

  10. Music, Culture, and Industry

Add your take!
Please leave a comment. What do you want to know about the world? What course areas would make you the go-to guru?

During the College's Centennial year, please watch for more top 10 lists as we work our way up to 100 excellent ideas.