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College of Continuing Education News

A Sample of Spring CMgt Course Offerings

Below is just a sampling of what B.A.Sc. in Construction Management students can take this spring. A complete list is available online.

CMgt 4471: Sustainability for Construction Managers
Impact of building industries past, present, and projected on the environment: sustainable building initiatives; environmental principles and practices throughout pre-con, construction, close-out and operations; impact on the construction manager's role, procurement methods, contracts, estimating and scheduling, and team structure; adoption issues facing green construction; current technologies and future movements. Real-world knowledge will be applied through case studies, guest lectures, and team projects. (2 credits; prerequisites: none)

CMgt 4542: Building Energy Systems
Conceptual understanding of functions of building mechanical systems and their integration with other building components through case studies. Residential and commercial HVAC systems, alternative energy sources, energy efficiency, structural implications of mechanical systems, indoor air quality, and environmental control strategies. (3 credits; prerequisites: CMgt 3001, junior or senior)

ABus 4041: Dynamics of Leadership (online)
Successful leadership via flexible approach. Knowledge, skills, and abilities that leaders develop from eight leadership strategies: academic, bureaucratic, eclectic, economic, fellowship, military, political, social. Ways to lead diverse populations in a global environment. (3 credits; prerequisites: 45 credits completed)

ABus 4151: Innovation for Leaders and Organizations (online)
Innovation as cornerstone of knowledge economy. History of innovation process, importance to individuals/organizations. Strategies to foster innovation. Responsibilities in innovation skill-building/leadership. (3 credits; prerequisites: 45 credits completed)

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