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College of Continuing Education News

From the Dean

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This year, the printed CCE Current will not be up to the task at hand. Spring 2012 CCE Current cover.jpg

As with previous years, heartfelt accounts of the transformative power of continuing education will jump from the pages. Innovative staff and leading-edge faculty will recount the exciting environment that helped them create distinctive offerings for adult learners. Dedicated advisers will illuminate how they partner with individuals to map where they've been, where they want to go, and the interdisciplinary University education that will take them there.

Only, this year, we're not taking a snapshot of the College's community "today." We're celebrating a century of opening doors for Minnesotans and looking ahead at what is to come.

For 100 years, the College has responded in creative ways to lifelong learners', and society's, changing needs. Through all that change, some constants remained. Offerings empowered those making a transition to go where they dreamed of going, kept them fresh once they were in their careers, and helped them broaden their worldview and see things with fresh new perspectives.

The spring 2012 issue - focusing on the "then and now" of interdisciplinary education, LearningLife, and technology-enhanced education - and the next - spotlighting a new slate of program areas - can only hold a mere fraction of our history.

You can help fill in the gaps. I encourage you to visit www.cce.umn.edu/centennial and share your memories. We would love to hear from you.

To all the students, faculty, and staff from yesterday and today, "thank you" for all you've done to make this a century of intellectual exploration, of new possibilities, of excellence. Every day, I grow more proud to be a part of it.


Dr. Mary L. Nichols
Dean, College of Continuing Education
University of Minnesota

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