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College of Continuing Education News

From the Director of Development


Dear Friends,

What motivates a person to support a cause? Sometimes we follow our emotions or intuition, sometimes rational outcomes or habit direct our actions. But, with a little reflection and insight, we can begin to pinpoint what moves us.

For Joan T. Smith, it was hearing Graça Machel, the world-renowned humanitarian, political leader, and wife of Nelson Mandela, speak about the potential for growth in Africa at a 2007 Great Conversations program and the desire to smooth the way for African women to finish their degrees. That year, she established a CCE scholarship for that exact purpose.

As a young woman, Joan, always a front runner, had toured the continent of Africa where she saw for herself the potential and possibilities there. Later, Joan was one of a very small handful of women executives in the banking industry in the Twin Cities. She made her first gift because she knew, firsthand, some of the hurtles young women would face to become leaders anywhere in the world.

Now, to celebrate our 100th year, Joan is making an additional gift - $10,000 - to the CCE Centennial Scholarship Fund so that future students can have a place in the classrooms, online learning communities, or whatever virtual forums the next 100 years hold!

I hope you, too, can find your own unique motivation to support the CCE Centennial Scholarship Fund. Even with Joan's lead gift, it will take $15,000 more to establish a permanent endowment that will last 100 years and more.

What was it about your life of learning that moved you? I invite you to reflect and, in doing so, consider a gift that will open doors to the University for the next 100 years. Thank you, sincerely, for considering this request.

Warm wishes,

Kathleen Davoli, Director of Development
College of Continuing Education

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