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June 2012 Archives

Wham! Pow! Ka-Blam!

U professor melds comic books and quantum physics to teach real-world science principles

pipe small.jpgMild-mannered Ph.D. James Kakalios was your normal, everyday physics professor, happily puttering about with normal, everyday physics investigations concerning things like amorphous semiconductors, segregation phenomena in granular media, and fluctuation phenomena in neurological systems.

Or at least he was, until One Fateful Day when a lab accident gone awry transformed him into an adored superhero of untold magnitude: Captain Reachesboredfreshmen! (Insert suitable triumphant fanfare music here)

Okay, not really.

There was never any "puttering about," no fateful lab accidents have occurred, and the good professor does not go cavorting about in tights, a mask, and a cape saving hapless individuals from boring academic treatises. (The bit about the amorphous semiconductors is true, though. Kakalios' research focuses on experimental condensed matter physics.)