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College of Continuing Education News

A Sampling of Spring 2013 MM Offerings

MM 3001: Manufacturing in a Global Economy (online) (3 cr)
In today's changing global economy, high-performing manufacturing operations must function at the intersection of three important dimensions: leadership, product quality, and innovation. This course breaks down each dimension in detail and explains how all three are interrelated and necessary to achieve sustainable profitability.

MM 4011: Design of Manufacturing Systems and Simulations (online) (3 cr)
Design and analysis of different types of manufacturing systems such as flow lines, assembly systems, cellular manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, and automated systems; control issues in manufacturing systems such as facility layout, scheduling, batch sizing, group technology, and bottleneck management. A variety of modeling and analysis tools are used, including computer simulation and operations.

MM 4039: Manufacturing Decisions (2 cr)
Strategies to evaluate/make business decisions related to outsourcing a product or manufacturing process. How to assess risks associated with outsourcing. How to maintain control of key supply chain factors for delivery of quality/value.

ABus 4022: Management in Organizations (online) (3 cr)
This course brings together key elements from the practical (on the job), the theoretical (in the classroom), and the personal (self-assessment) to facilitate a better understanding of management as a profession. By the conclusion of this course, you will have learned to: compare and contrast theoretical and practical thinking on professional management, and apply this knowledge to current practice; describe and apply the characteristics of a strong manager in a high-performance organization; explain and illustrate how planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are accomplished in a specific industry or organization; and assess your own aptitude, interest, and knowledge for entering the management profession.

ABus 4041: Dynamics of Leadership (online) (3 cr)
In this course, learning about leadership will occur in two ways: learning about and understanding leadership strategies, values, characteristics, and styles (the context); and analyzing your own perspectives and beliefs about leadership (your interpretation of the context). This course will give you the knowledge and understanding of the qualities and skills necessary to become a leader within various contexts. It will assist you in working in various organizational environments and understanding the impact of globalization and diversity on achieving organizational directives.

ABus 4151: Innovation for Leaders and Organizations (3 cr)
Innovation as a cornerstone of a knowledge economy. History and value of the innovation process, and importance to individuals and organizations. Strategies to foster personal and collaborative innovation. Responsibilities in personal innovation skill-building and leading innovation in organizations.

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