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From the Development Director

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Dear Friends,

The U is bustling this fall. I'm happy to say I have two family members on campus this semester - my niece and nephew. In fact, most of my great grandmother's family graduated from the U as have the generations that followed. I am sure many of you could say the same. And that's something to be proud of!

The U has changed over the years, but the most important thing about it has not changed - graduating from the U changes the trajectory of lives. It creates more informed and productive citizens, better equipped families, more prosperous communities, and a greater world.

At a time when only 18 percent of the U's operating funds come from the State, private support for student scholarships is becoming more crucial. That's why the College of Continuing Education is excited to be participating in a new University of Minnesota Foundation program.

It's called Fast Start 4 Impact and it works like this: New scholarship gifts of $50,000 or more become normal endowments where the funds are invested and grow until there is enough to make a scholarship award. But with Fast Start 4 Impact, funds will be provided so new student scholarships can be awarded right away. A $50,000 scholarship gift would be supplied with $10,000 for student awards from Fast Start funds ($2,500/year for four years).

This is a wonderful way to get students the help they need right now, while creating a permanent source of student support for years to come. You can find more information at giving.umn.edu, including details on how you can distribute your contributions over four years. Or, you can call me at 612-625-1253, and I'll be happy to give you more details.

For those of us who make our impact through smaller gifts, please make a gift of any size to the CCE Centennial Scholarship Fund this holiday season. And remember, your gift helps illuminate us all.

Wishing you and your friends and families the very best new year,

Kathleen Davoli, Director of Development
College of Continuing Education

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