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May 2014 Archives

Meet the two new grad program directors in this Q&A

This winter, the College welcomed John Logie, the new director of graduate studies for the Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) degree and Tom Borrup, the new faculty director for the Arts and Cultural Leadership (ACL) program.

Q&A with John LogieLogie-crop (1).jpg
An associate professor of rhetoric in the Department of Writing Studies (College of Liberal Arts), John Logie has taught numerous MLS courses throughout the years, and most recently served as program co-director.

A little bit about you...why the interest in rhetoric? Why is it relevant in the modern world? What's the appeal?
What appeals to me about rhetoric? It's law, politics, and marketing all rolled into one! It's about seriously examining whether and how you and I can change one another's minds--or anyone else's. It's about words doing work in the world.

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Welcome to the spring 2014 issue of c.c.e. times! In this edition of News and Notes: Commencement 2014; big news from the Construction Management Program; awards, honors, and accolades; Top Coast Festival coming to the Twin Cities; and more!

As always, if you have something newsy or noteworthy, please send us an e-mail!

Five, four, three, two, one bits of garden greenery wisdom from Master Gardener and LearningLife instructor Julie Weisenhorn.

She started out with Mad Men...and now she's got a Green Thumb.

U of M Extension educator and Master Gardener emerita Julie Weisenhorn didn't have "roots" in horticulture--she began her career in marketing and advertising, in fact. It wasn't until she and her husband bought their first home and all the greenery that came with it that she became interested in landscape gardening.

"Our house had been owned by Cary George--the curator at the time for the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in Minneapolis--and as he was walking me around the property, I began to think to myself, 'Oh boy. I better figure out what's going on here, because I'm going to have a responsibility to keep this up!'"

Julie Weisenhorn.jpgIt didn't take long before Weisenhorn discovered that not only was she capable of taking care of all those plants, she had a natural affinity for it. And then, responsibility turned into hobby turned into...new career. "I found I really enjoyed figuring out what worked and what didn't, learning new things, trying things, so eventually I enrolled in the Master Gardener program. Which got me turned on to teaching others."

Hop It to Me!

ICP graduate Eric Sannerud works to meet the burgeoning craft beer market's demand for locally sourced hops.

By Kristoffer Tigue; additional reporting by Megan Rocker
This story originally appeared in the Minnesota Daily in a slightly different format (March 24, 2014).

A foot of hard snow clings to the more than 70 acres of land at the Sannerud family farm in Ham Lake, Minnesota, where other farmers have planted corn and mushrooms and laid out compost.

For three generations, the Sannerud family has rented its land to others rather than tending it themselves, but that will change soon, when Inter-College Program (ICP) alumnus Eric Sannerud ('13) and two other University students will turn a chunk of that land into Mighty Axe Hops. Their new project will farm local sustainable hops, filling a growing demand from the state's booming craft brewing industry.EricSannerud640.jpg

"[Absolutely], there's a market," Sannerud said. "People want craft breweries, and they're going to want local hops."

There are 47 companies registered in the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, and the majority of them are based in the Twin Cities. And that doesn't include breweries just beginning to establish themselves, such as Fair State Brewing Cooperative and the Day Block Brewing Company, which both operate out of Minneapolis.