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The Curious Culture of Wall Street

Fat Wall Street bonuses are back in the news, with reports of staggering compensation packages for the very people who helped cause the nation's financial collapse.

While the average American worker faces frozen wages, furloughs, plundered retirement funds, and double-digit unemployment, top Wall Street producers stand to reap millions.

In the midst of the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, how can investment bankers believe they deserve such princely pay packets? How did short-term shareholder value become such a short-sighted corporate goal? Does today's financial crisis differ from past boom and bust cycles? And what would it take to instigate meaningful reform?

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I attended this session as well as others this year. and in past years. This one prompted a negative comment. It was insulting to have to sit for 40 min. and have the speaker read their presentation. The converstion we had following the presentation,was about the really bad presentation, not about the topic. You are not doing your job when you allow that type of presentation to be delivered. You have a responsiblity to screen these speakers and their presentations. We deserve better.

Thank you for discussing this very complex topic. Brain drain could be a result of regulating bonuses.

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