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How do you like to learn (and teach)?

Information is one thing, but do you also seek knowledge and wisdom? What is your idea of an expert? Do you feel you have something to learn from your peers? Do you have peers whom you consider experts? Whose thoughts and judgments do you most respect?

Does there come a time in life when we, ourselves, are the teachers we most often turn to? If so, is this a result of greater wisdom? Knowledge and experience? How and when is it best to be our own teachers?

So do you seek information? Practical advice? Interpretation of events, discoveries, and trends? Do you want informal ways to continue your "schooling?"

If LearningLife could create ways for you to both learn from your peers and be their teacher, would you want to participate? And just out of curiosity, if you were the teacher, what you teach? How would a concept like this actually work?


I would like to participate in online discussions. At this point, I don't, but in time, I will. I have diverse interests and think that I would participate in online learning communities. First inducements to participation would be the topics, the quality of the information and the knowledge and expertise of the leaders. It seems that there should be a good balance of opportunities for interaction such as communication from student to student, student to leader and input on content.

I am always tempted to lead and/or participate in discussions, so I imagine that online I would be no different. The idea of interaction regarding online lectures is appealing.

I'm a hands on learner,one who usually flys by the seat of my pants, learning as I go. If I don't approach it that way, I will watch it closely, reading and learning all I can about it.

I learn best hands-on but I also enjoy a good online discussion with give and take.
I am willing and able to contribute my 10 cents worth or even create simple content.

As to worksheets and exercises, I would have to think about that; it sounds a bit too much like "school".

I believe anyone will participate given the right circumstances.

Thus, it is the online teacher which is challenged because of the understandable skepticism that exists online due to loads of spam, phishing scams, junk content and slick advertisements.

It is up to the teacher to draw the student out with trust building, genuine skill and hyper-relevant curriculum and then inspire them to expand their virtual experience.