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How do you define life skills?

LearningLife borrowed the phrase "life skills" from a respected advisor who believes that we must build the skills needed to live and work fully at any age, but especially during the second half of life.

Why? It's not just that we can expect to live longer, it's that we can also expect to be healthy and active longer. Sustaining vitality, meaning, and happiness in a long, engaged life means reinventing ourselves many times. That takes skill. Yet building life skills can be overlooked by educational institutions, judged relevant only in work-related and training settings, or perceived as frosting rather than cake.

Viewing work as one aspect of your larger life, how important are planning tools and strategies, paths to self-rediscovery, and greater alignment of your work/life with your values and dreams? How important is information and knowledge that can enhance your vitality and free you from some of the worries that might accompany aging? How important is it to build skills that allow you to mentor or coach others, care for others, or be deeply helpful to others?

What comes to mind when you read the phrase "life skills?" What do you feel are important life skills as we continually travel to what-is-next?