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Google Products We Forgot All About

Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Google Products You Forgot All About -- There is stuff here that could be very useful in NMG -- like Google Trends, and Google Alerts. I plan to set up a couple of these soon. Good stuff here.

Games Must be Fun

Writing in Technology Review: Virtual Labor Lost, the author points out the problem that educational game makers face above all others: games don't get played if they aren't any fun.
Food for thought as we move toward constructing virtual educational worlds and game-based systems.

Disqus: Carry Along Discussions

Starting off with links, take a look at Disqus , an add-on for various weblog systems, inlcuding Movable Type (which powers the UThinks Blogs).
Disqus gives you threaded discussions in place of the list of comments, but with the twist of allowing users to keep track of comments made on other blogs also using Disqus.

CCE New Media Group Blog Begins

Welcome everyone to the New Media Group blog. This will be where members of the NMG can share ideas, web links, tidbits, and the like that we find around the web. It may be a test bed for certain types of entries, but if you want to experiment with something that alters the core look and feel of a weblog, we'll get another blog for experimentation.
Again -- welcome. more links to follow.

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