Knowing Our Place in Time

Steve R. Simmons is Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus in Agronomy and Plant Genetics. During his thirty-one year career at the University of Minnesota, he has researched the physiology of crops such as wheat, oats, barley, and corn, and studied the agroecology of diversified cropping systems. At the same time, his emphasis has been on undergraduate and graduate teaching and he has published a number of education-related articles including the use of memoir writing as pedagogy. Since retirement, Steve has been writing a book of personal essays about formative experiences during his upbringing in southern Indiana. He also facilitates reflective writing workshops and retreats. He continues to serve as a mentor for new faculty through the early-career program of the U of M's Center for Teaching and Learning where he co-taught experiential workshops for faculty preparing for retirement entitled This I Have Learned.


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