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Human Rights Challenges of the 21st Century

Mary Robinson, and David Wippman - April, 2011 - A groundbreaking politician and lifelong crusader for human rights, Mary Robinson has not had a career free from controversy. But, then again, as David Wippman, dean of the U of M Law School says, "A human rights advocate holding a high-profile office must sometimes take principled but unpopular positions."

Wippman, who is himself a respected authority on international law, human rights, and ethnic conflict, will interview Robinson for the April 7 Great Conversations at the U of M Coffman Memorial Union, sponsored jointly by the College of Continuing Education and the Law School. "Mary is arguably one of the world's leading figures on human rights issues," he says. "She breathed new life into the Irish presidency. In her role in the U.N. and beyond, she pioneered new approaches to human rights and rule of law issues. I think this will be an inspiring and educational conversation."


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