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What's Next?: Debunking the Myths about Retirement in America

The idea that most people march in lockstep down the same career path (full-time education, followed by continuous full-time employment, capped by full-time retirement) is a popular myth in America; in truth, only a tiny percentage of the population ever really executes this exact route. Yet, corporate practices, government policies, and social structures are still geared to this model.

As 78 million American baby boomers approach traditional retirement age, our society will witness unprecedented change and transitions. Creating new retirement options for this 21st-century reality, particularly in light of the recent economic downturn, requires a rethinking of what we've come to accept as a predictable life course.

Join noted sociologist Phyllis Moen, as she kicks off the sixth season of Headliners by mapping the real retirement trends and outlining a visionary alternative to the "retirement mystique."


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