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What's Next? Envisioning the U's Future

The rising cost of a college degree is one of the most pressing issues facing higher education today. But while the demands for lower tuition and institution-wide budget and spending cuts continue to grow, public financial support continues to dwindle.

So how, then, does a 21st century academic leader balance both the books and the competing priorities of today's land-grant universities? New University of Minnesota president Eric Kaler believes the process begins by renewing a partnership with the state's elected officials, promoting the University's economic and cultural value, and establishing research initiatives focusing on early-stage discovery research--something universities are uniquely positioned to do.

On January 10, join President Kaler as he previews his first biennial budget request since taking office and discusses his vision of "What's Next?" for the University--including his commitment to holding the lid on tuition while improving the U's operational efficiency.


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