John Edwards' One Democracy Initiative

Members of the November 5th Coalition, previously described in this blog, are beginning to affect the 2008 election season. On Saturday, October 13, the Edwards campaign was the first major presidential campaign to respond effectively to the challenge of all citizens to reclaim democracy as the ongoing work of the people. One of our coalition partners, AmericaSpeaks, helped the Edwards campaign to develop an initiative for "Citizen Congresses" that would involve one million Americans deliberating on the issues of our day, as part of his "One Democracy Initiative." Another coalition partner, the Study Circles Resource Center has also blogged about Edwards’ speech. We welcome this initiative, as well as John Edwards' important acknowledgment of citizen centered work and a movement in New Hampshire and around the country in deliberation, new forms of democratic and shared governance and many other forms of public work. We look forward to other candidates' ideas and proposals for partnering with the new citizen movement.


I enjoy your citizen insight. Keep it up! We met in 1963 at Flagg Ranch located between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. We left on the same day because of the owner's oppressive rules, regulations and lack of minority employment. I'm serving my second term on Durham City Council Council

By the election of Barack Obama as Persident of America, people have shown that they need change. Obama knew by providing opportunities to the people can be used to win their trust. I am sure he will be a great president and people will see lots of good changes in his tenure.

Without the National Initiative you can't educate the people properly, because the people in power don't want us educated. If enough of us were fully educated we would realise as a people that they are screwing us over. We can't wait around for them to educate us because they simply will not.

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