Public Achievement in Ukraine

Check out this report from our colleagues in Eastern Europe about the recent Public Achievement Fair that was held in the Ukraine.

Young civic activists from across Ukraine meet near Kharkov

The Public Achievement in Ukraine FAIR was held in Chuguev (near Kharkov) from September 14-16, 2007. Co-organized by the Association for Sustainable Society Advancement (ASSA) from Kharkov, Ukraine and the Educational Society of Malopolska (MTO) from Nowy Sacz, Poland, this meeting brought together students, teachers, school directors, and educational authorities from the regions of Kharkov, Bakhchisaray, Zaporozhe and Ternopil and as well a guest from an NGO in Belarus and Rodger Potocki representing the sponsor (NED) from the United States.

Public Achievement (PA) is a program of active citizenship which empowers young people to make real changes in their communities by trying to solve problems which are important to them. As a result they have real impact on their societies. At this FAIR, 120 participants (representing 31 PA groups) had the opportunity to share their experiences in democracy-building in their communities, deepen their understanding of the Public Achievement program, and begin to work on cross-regional PA initiatives.

There were 6 seminar sessions with 4 groups of participants in each. In addition to seminars, there was a PA EXPO where each group was able to present their accomplishments and materials. The competition for “Best Stand? was won by the “Nihal? PA group from Bakhchisaray with Second Place going to the “Happy Hammers? from Ternopil and Third Place going to “To Be or Not to Be? from Zaporozhe. First Place for the best “PA and Us? poster was awarded to “Happy Babies? PA Group from Kharkov. Second Place in this competition was given to “Our Future? from Ternopil and Third Place went to “New Generation? PA Group from Kharkov. First place winners received digital cameras and all winners received paintings from an American sponsor. All PA Groups received certificates of participation.

The FAIR involved a group of volunteers from Budy High School (Kharkov Region) as well as a Theatre Group from the Kharkov Volunteer Center who provided evening entertainment and facilitated one of the seminars.

This event was sponsored by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) of Washington, D.C. It is the culmination of a two-year program sponsored by NED and the East-East Programs of Soros Foundation in Ukraine and Poland.


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