Public Work Institute: Powerful People Building Healthy Communities

On Saturday, October 6th, the CDC hosted a Public Work Institute entitled: Powerful People Building Healthy Communities at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. This institute was a part of the Center's initiative called Minnesota Works Together.

The goals of the day were for participants to learn something that would enhance their own public lives, build relationships across communities, and commit to a specific action in their communities. The day was a success with participants coming from many different groups: Second Shift Youth Commission- St. Paul, SPEAC from Hope Community, ISAIAH, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, African Network for Development, Jane Addams Schoo for Democracy, St. Bernard's School, and the Minnesota Legislature.


Kari Denissen from St. Paul's Second Shift Commission facilitated a role-play with participants.

Activities of the day included a thought-provoking role-play about power, work on Public Achievement, a session with youth documentary filmmakers, a power mapping session, a youth organizing meeting between Second Shift Youth and SPEAC, a session on Warrior to Citizen campaign, and a meeting of citizen environmentalists.

State Representative Kate Knuth facilitated the citizen environmentalist session and used the strategy of power mapping.

Participants walked away from the day having committed to several actions: SPEAC and Second Shift are going to reconvene and further their collaboration; many participants at the Public Work Institute committed to having one-on-one discussions with people in their communities and new people they met; some people committed to further involvement in the Warrior to Citizen campaign; and others are going to talk about Minnesota Works Together.

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs