Podcast: Students should get a (public) life

Kelly Heskett, a 20-year-old student at "the U" doesn't come right out and say "get a public life." But it's clear she thinks that she and other students at the University of Minnesota have opportunities - and a responsibility - to organize and make change on campus. Kelly talks about how she came to see herself as an organizer, and what she wants to change first.

Listen here.

In her interview, Kelly refers to an organizing class called Community Organizing Skills for Public Action, taught by Harry Boyte and Dennis Donovan. Read the PA1401 course description.


I enjoyed this podcast quite a bit because it touches on a darker side of engagement–being too engaged!

Young people are now facing the pressures of a global economy; education and reward systems are configured to reward students for both broad and deep involvement in their communities.

In their attempts to be the best in this hyper competitive world, kids are being stretched too thin and don't take enough time out for themselves.

Civic engagement and community involvement become means to some individualized end. Too much focus on the future and the present experience becomes just another bother on the way to success.

Whatever happened to kids being kids?

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs